Studio Rules

[Georgian] / [Ukrainian] / [Russian]


  • The minimal rental period at our studio is 1 hour, with 1 full hour increments. There are no sessions of 15 or 30 minutes.
  • The session time starts and ends as booked, regardless of how long the actual shoot goes on. Keep in mind that setting up light/background and all other procedures in the main work area besides the shooting are also included in the duration of the session.
  • Our studio has two makeup rooms (two seats each). If you need to have your makeup done, you can use one makeup room an hour before your shoot free of charge. Ask for it when booking.


  • If the model will be photographed wearing shoes, you need to clean the soles the day before (except for a brand-new pair) and bring these shoes with you without wearing them outside. The soles should be dry and clean with no signs of dirt. We cover the soles with painter’s tape to avoid marks on the cyclorama and paper backdrops. The only exception is tennis shoes & sneakers with thoroughly clean white soles – those can be used without tape.
  • We use painter’s tape. It comes off the soles without a trace.
  • In the studio, everyone except for the models wear either slippers (we keep them clean and wash them after each use) or shoe covers.


  • At least two days before the shoot, the customer is required to transfer 25% of the full session fee to one of the accounts listed at the end of this section.
  • Until then, the customer can cancel or reschedule the shoot. After the prepayment the reservation is confirmed and in case of cancellation the deposit is not refunded. If the deposit is not paid 48 hours before the shooting, the reservation is canceled automatically.
  • Bank of Georgia: GE12BG0000000545929592
  • TBC Bank: GE71TB7286045063300009
  • Beneficiary: Anton Samsonidze


  • We do not allow the use of cakes or pastries, glitter, fire (candles, sparklers), paint, feathers, confetti, tanning cream (bronzer) or other polluting substances, colorants or toxic agents in our studio.
  • We do not allow animals, domestic or wild, with the exception of non-poisonous snakes; however this type of shoot should be agreed upon with the studio in advance.


  • By renting the studio, the customer agrees to fully cover damages to studio equipment and/or interior, caused by client, their crew member or any accompanying person.


  • Please return any additional equipment you borrowed from the studio manager before the session ends.


  • You can walk on the cyclorama barefoot, wearing clean white-soled sneakers, shoe covers or in shoes with taped soles.
  • You CANNOT step on the gradient (curved surface) of the cyclorama! It may lead to significant damage and the repair cost of a punctured cyclorama is five thousand (5000) GEL.